What we knew at Listo is that payroll is totally disconnected from day to day business ERP and/or management software. During the first years of the company we builded the infrastructure and the architecture to bring an answer to this problematic in the most complex country in the world : France🐓!

Schema of the disconnection between ERP & payroll software

disconnection between ERP & payroll software

This is due to the fact that the payroll industry in Europe and therefore in France is old and complex. Therefore major parts of software in Europe are legacy. Main part of them were designed in late 90 or before or with technologies not designed for the web, but for on premise installation. APIs were not the standard at this moment and HR & employee datas were not sent to other software. 

This disconnection is a source of errors, is time consuming, is a nightmare for users (siloed access, multiple manual data uploads,…) and is a risk or at least a source of preoccupation in order to provide compliant payroll.

At Listo we have a motto shared by all employees : “Get free from complexity to focus on essentials”. Our clients should not focus on manual tasks of transcribing data from one software to another, or input data from employees into payroll software. Clients should focus on what brings value to their company, not on what they have to do to run basic admin tasks. 

One way to drive clients to the path of success is to increase productivity ! In order to help companies to improve productivity we provide embedded payroll API to :

  • companies with hundred or thousand employees 
  • software companies to let them integrate payroll features into a wide variety of software. 

With Listo’s API management tools can integrate payroll natively and help managers drive their day to day operations.

Schema of management software before Listo payroll API and with Listo embedded payroll

management software before listo payroll API and with listo embedded payroll

How have we done that ?

Providing payroll API in the most complex environment in the world is quite a challenge. Indeed we had to gather all data from various sources (new financial laws, legal, social governmental organisations,retirement funds, health & insurance companies, tax statement forms,…) and get them open with API standards to our clients with all indications about non compliance or errors in filling data. 

All those API routes are documented freely in order to let developers understand that adding payroll features is easier than it sounds when using Listo API. Documentation is available here. With those routes developers can quickly create a company, an employee and his contract and generate a payslip that will be compliant in terms of tax calculations and social statement to governments.